National Institutes of Health

Digital Health Interventions from Wellness to Therapeutics:
Development and Dissemination

July 12 – 13, 2022

Workshop Recordings

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Tuesday, July 12

Theme 1:        Spanning the Range from Wellness to Therapeutics

PresentationSpeaker NameRecording Time
Workshop WelcomeDr. Will M. Aklin (NIDA)0:03
Director’s Welcome and Opening RemarksDr. Nora Volkow (NIDA)1:51
Introduction of Theme 1Dr. Will M. Aklin (NIDA)8:23
Not All Apps are Equal: Understanding Continuums in Digital Mental HealthDr. Stephen Schueller (UC Irvine)10:07
Directing Science at a Digital Tech Start-UpDr. Jen Huberty (Calm)29:37
Prescription Digital Therapeutics: From Clinical Development to FDA Authorization Through Impact and Scale in the Real-WorldDr. Yuri Maricich (Pear Therapeutics)52:22
Regulatory Pathways and Considerations for Digital Health InterventionsMs. Pamela Scott (FDA)1:12:43
Panel DiscussionDr. David Gastfriend (DynamiCare Health)1:35:45

Theme 2:        Mobile Intervention Design to Improve Health Outcomes

PresentationSpeaker NameRecording Time
Designing for Engagement with Behavioral ScienceDr. Amy Bucher (Lirio)2:23:08
Virtual Reality Exposure TherapyDr. Barbara Rothbaum (Emory)2:38:53
Designing for Big Impact: Incorporating User Experience in an Emergency Department App for Delivery of Suicide Crisis CareDr. Linda Dimeff (Jaspr Health)2:59:00
Digital Health Equity: From Design to ImplementationDr. Courtney Lyles (UCSF)3:20:50
Wrestling with Context: Ethical Data Practices for Digital Health InterventionsDr. Katie Shilton (UMD)3:41:49
A Brief Introduction to Empirical Optimization of Digital InterventionsDr. Linda Collins (NYU)4:04:02
Panel DiscussionDr. Inbal Billie Nahum-Shani (UMich)4:26:23
Day 1 Closing RemarksDr. Lanay Mudd (NCCIH)5:06:23

Wednesday, July 13

Theme 3:        Opportunities for Commercialization, Dissemination, and Reimbursement

PresentationSpeaker NameRecording Time
Introduction to Theme 3Dr. Adam Haim (NIMH)0:00
Evaluating Apps: Making Informed Decisions with Available Real-World DataDr. John Torous (Harvard)2:39
Designing Digital Interventions to Optimize Implementation with Clinicians and Patients in Routine PracticeDr. Andrea Graham (Northwestern)22:33
Integrating Apps for Mental Health and Self-Care Across VADr. Pearl McGee-Vincent (VA)43:16
Payer Perspectives: Perfecting the PitchMs. McKaye Black (C1 Innovation Lab)1:02:27
CDRH’s Early Payor Feedback Program – Facilitating Interaction Between Payors and Developers to Support Patient Access to Innovative Digital Health TechnologiesMs. Danielle Fau (FDA)1:22:32
Direct to Consumer Opportunities and ChallengesDr. Nina Vasan (Stanford University and Real)1:35:04
The Path to RevenueDr. Loleta Robinson (NIH SEED)2:03:27
Panel DiscussionDr. Lisa Marsch (Dartmouth)2:23:46
Closing RemarksDr. Kevin Walton (NIDA)3:17:21